ID: 11455 Brieftext

Geschrieben am: Montag 03.10.1881

Frankf. a/M 3d of Octbr 81.

My dearest Lady Thompson
I must send you a few words of thanks for your kind remembrance of my birthday. How kindly you let me feel your interest and sympathing at every occasion! You know also, how warmly I estime and love you, and, if my playing to you gave you sometimes a little momentary relief, I am most happy. Could I express you my feelings |2| in german language it would be so much easier for me.
Marie and I we thank you very much for your kindness to Miss Oser, which we love so heartley, and who is really worth of kindness.
Accept my sincerest regards, dear Lady Thompson, and the warmest wishes for you and your dear family.
Yours very affectionate
Clara Schumann.

  Absender: Schumann, Clara, geb Wieck, Clara (3179)
  Absendeort: Frankfurt am Main
  Empfänger: Thompson, Kate, geb. Loder (1584)
  Empfangsort: London

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